Insight Publishers Ltd. is a specialist communications agency with specific expertise in research dissemination and the development of successful exploitation strategies. Insight has produced full impact strategies as work package leader on several FP7 and H2020 projects and has delivered many individual dissemination services to 100s more projects as well as coordinating the H2020 BIOCOM project.


These services include all relevant communications activities like web development, all print collateral, video, press releases, newsletters, market research, data management and target audience development, conference and workshop organisation, promotion and management and bespoke PR services.

IPL has also acted as a coordinator for a project focused specifically on effective and targeted research dissemination in line with H2020 objectives and requirements. IPL has worked extensively within the thematic area of energy and the environment and has specialist staff available to deliver effective dissemination specific to this arena.

IPL also has an exhaustive database of relevant contacts and subscribers in the energy sector and so is able to create, manage and exploit large networks of relevant stakeholders specific to this sector and cutting across industry, academia, policy and the public sector, mass media and the general public. This breadth of audience will be critical for this project.

IPL has been involved in the coordination of full exploitation strategies and will be part of the group providing exploitation planning and management for this project. This task involves managing IP issues, analysing and reporting on the relevant market in line with penetration and devising a business plan to include sales, marketing, logistics and installation, maintenance, KPIs and key aspects in developing a methodology from industrial, environmental and energy perspectives along the supply chain. This will inform our roadmap for market exploitation and industrial penetration.

Key personnel

Sam Davis